Current challenges of organisations

In a rapidly changing global business environment, the pressure on organizations to make accurate and timely decisions has never been greater. The ability to identify challenges, spot opportunities, and adapt with agility is not just a competitive advantage but also a requirement for survival.

Traditionally, business consultants have helped organisations take decisions by their domain expertise and used frameworks while technology consultants leveraged latest technologies to fulfil the organisational needs. In today's world, the business / technology consultancy firms don’t have enough competencies and hence, fail to support today's business leaders in taking vital decisions at a critical juncture.

Many Analytics firms were founded within a short period of time to address this very same gap and every company position themselves to have the ability to coax the clients to take data driven decisions. As this industry is still primitive, many companies take way too long time in solving a problem because they are either using the wrong data or wrong metrics and most of the time, they miss the big picture. This result in high cost for the clients and more often than not, the clients do not get the directions on time and the decisions tend to fail by giving a poor ROI.


We, in Decision studio build a world class team by stringent recruitment process and a lucrative training. Our world class team look at the decision making situation from five different perspectives;

Behavioural science

To understand the bigger picture of the decision

Applied Mathematics

To understand the kinds of data to be used and strategize the exploration and transformation of data;


To make this initiative effective by delivering the solutions on time and within budget and to maintain the motivation levels of the decision scientists thereby, making it a joyful ride for all the stakeholders.

Business consultancy

To understand the business reasoning and the intricacies / constraints of the decision;


To architect the solution in the right and best fit technology for the problem;

We have set up a centre of excellence comprising of doctorates or equivalent qualifications in each discipline where they constantly find innovative ways to apply their principles in the decision making process. A division of this team also looks at various other new arts and science discipline to be inducted into the set up to improvise the decision making process.

We are a customer obsessive company and hence understand the pain points of the customers better and align ourselves truly to the customer;

  • Our teams are assembled at very close proximity to the clients and they work in a purely white box and collaborative manner to create a better art for problem solving.
  • We understand that an analytical problem could undergo multiple iterations/experiments and hence, we have built a strategy to have a low cost per experiment to solve any problem.
  • By recruiting the resources from elite colleges across the globe with a strong industry experience and providing them a world class in-house training, we are able to provide the solutions on a highly competitive rate in the industry