In Decision Studio, we have built an environment where our decision scientists get nurtured to gain mastery over the field of analytics. We develop the Decision Scientists through a 6 months program by our learning partner ""The Data Science University"". It involves a combination of classroom learning, on-the-job training and mentoring which enables everyone to believe that they are a part of world class team who could solve highly volatile business problems from first-principles. Following are few snippets of the training course.

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Mathematics & Statistics

  • BASICS – Time series analysis, Segmentation, basic statistics and distributions & information visualisation
  • INTERDEDIATE – Logic of hypothesis testing, Multiple linear regression, Logistic regression, discriminant analysis, advanced time series analysis, conjoint analysis
  • ADVANCED – Survival analysis, Bayesian inference, Non linear models, Discreet optimisation, Machine learning, Structured equation modelling, Robust regression & Genetic algorithms


  • DATABASES – Hadoop, Greenplum, Pig, Hive
  • BI TOOLS – SQL server, Teradata, Cognos, Tableaue, Spotfire, Excel/VBA, Business objects



Logistics & supply chain, Finance & planning, Merchandising, Store operations, Consumer insights

Insurance & Banking

Retail banking, P&C/life insurance, Investment banking, Payment network, consumer lending

Life science & Healthcare

Sales & marketing, supply chain, operations, customer experience


Patient level analysis, Distribution analytics, Payert analytics, Sales analytics, Marketing analytics


Planning.scheduling, Operations planning, post operations, customer loyalty, Maintenance, Marketing sales


Strategy & planning, yield management, operations support, sales & marketing, Customer experience

Behavioral science

  • BASICS – Introduction to business psychology, Psychological Research Methods, Business Viability: Financial and Economic Perspectives, Business Dynamics: Marketing & Management Perspectives
  • INTERDEDIATE – Biological & Cognitive Psychology, Social & Developmental Psychology, Advanced Psychological Research Methods, Individual Differences, Customer Behaviour and Decision Making
  • ADVANCED – Spin Doctors, Lobbyists & Other Hidden Persuaders, Enhancing Organisations & Employability, Applied Sports Psychology, Health & Educational Psychology, Positive Psychology


  • BASICS – Project scope management, Project Time Management, Project Cost Management,
  • INTERDEDIATE – Project Quality Management, Project Human Resource Management, Project Communication Management
  • ADVANCED – Project Risk Management, Project Stakeholders Management, Project Integration Management